Josh’s Passion

As an LTAC placement specialist, Josh Lee has a passion to make transitional care case managers’ lives easier while also instilling confidence that their patients will receive the highest possible quality of care through admission to specific LTAC hospitals. Transitional care management can be stressful on everyone: patients, their families, their case managers, their doctors, you name it. Josh Lee works to alleviate this stress and take on the tough negotiations for you. Josh and his team are determined to do everything they can to ensure that patients are receiving only the highest level of care.

Josh’s Team

Josh Lee is committed to giving you the responsive service you deserve. Josh and his team have nearly 20 years of qualified experience in the field of long-term acute-care hospital admissions. They work dynamically within an ever-shifting environment of criteria and protocols to ensure they are always completely up-to-date on the latest in transitional care management.

Through his patent-worthy process, Josh ensures that all needed clinical information is uploaded and then analyzes the clinicals to determine if a patient meets LTAC criteria. If your patient meets the criteria, Josh can move the process forward to make sure insurance authorization is received and the LTAC hospital will be able to accept your patient.

Josh works with his team to keep you updated throughout the transitional care management process so you can rest assured your patients will get the LTAC services they need without causing you a headache. They will keep you in the loop constantly. 

Let Josh and his team use their specialized skill set to get your patient transferred so you can stay focused on what’s really important: taking care of your patients.

The Josh Lee Promise

While we can’t guarantee upfront an available bed for your patient, our team’s combined expertise improves your patient’s authorization and approval chances significantly.