Common Roadblocks to LTAC Admission

  • Problem: Patient Doesn’t Meet Criteria
    Solution: Get a Pre-Referral Screen to eliminate this problem


  • Problem: Difficulty Getting Patient Choice
    Solution: Josh is an Expert Tour Coordinator and can provide virtual tours if necessary.


  • Problem: Patient Plan of Care Exceeds Clinical Capacity
    Solution: Josh and his team stick with you through the clinical course either waiting until acuity decreases, patient behaviors move out of the picture or identifying treatment modalities that limit placement


  • Problem: Insurance Denial
    Solution: We’ll help you see around the corner and build a plan for this unwanted situation.


  • Problem: No LTAC Bed Availability
    Solution: Josh will forecast availability and keep you up to date so you can plan accordingly


  • Problem: Transportation Logistics Breakdown
    Solution: Josh will assess patient’s home equipment and help you plan for transportation of things like power wheelchairs and coordinating pick-up/arrival times so the patient arrives on-time for M.D. admission.


  • Problem: Insufficient Clinical Documentation
    Solution: Josh will notify you over the phone, email or documentation platform of the needed documents.