Here we’ll take a look at some of the common roadblocks that can get in the way of a patient’s transition into a long-term acute care facility. Many of these roadblocks, which seem absolute and unmovable, are actually quite flexible and can be overcome with a little bit of the right kind of elbow grease in terms of care management.

Josh Lee and his team have 18+ combined years of transitional care management experience to ensure your patient is treated with all due consideration. They will leave no stone unturned in working to get your patient admitted to the right LTAC hospital. Josh and his staff work diligently to ensure the patient is the number one priority for everyone involved, and that only the highest level of care is assured.

Here are some of the common roadblocks to long-term acute care facility admission:

  • Problem: Patient doesn’t meet criteria for this type of care management.
    Solution: Get a pre-referral screen to eliminate this problem.


  • Problem: Difficulty getting patient choice.
    Solution: Josh is an expert tour coordinator and can provide virtual tours if necessary.


  • Problem: Patient plan of care exceeds clinical capacity.
    Solution: Josh and his team will stick with you through the clinical course. They’ll wait until acuity decreases, patient behaviors move out of the picture, or treatment modalities that limit placement are completed.


  • Problem: Insurance denies the claim.
    Solution: Josh and his team will help you see around the corner and build a plan for this situation.


  • Problem: No long-term acute care bed availability.
    Solution: Josh will forecast availability and keep you up to date so you can plan the care management of your patient accordingly.


  • Problem: Transportation logistics breakdown.
    Solution: Josh will assess patient’s home equipment and help you plan for transportation of things like power wheelchairs and coordinating pick-up/arrival times so the patient arrives on-time for M.D. admission.


  • Problem: Insufficient clinical documentation.
    Solution: Josh will notify you over the phone, email or documentation platform of the needed documents.