What We Do

Long-term acute care facilities are designed for patients who are suffering from a critical illness, chronic symptoms or other complex medical situation. It’s the in-between care facility for a patient who no longer requires intensive care but simultaneously needs more medical attention than provided in a rehabilitation center.

In an LTAC facility, your patient can receive the coordinated care they need with several specialty physicians and other members of an interdisciplinary team (such as therapists, pharmacists, dietitians, and more). The medical care in these facilities are equal in education and experience to the expertise found in traditional hospitals but at a lower cost to the patient. In this case, paying less doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.

As we’re sure you know from your previous case management experience, acceptance and approval into LTAC facilities is not always easy. The highly personalized care means limited availability but the benefits to a patient are numerous. You probably have a fair share of clients looking to be admitted, which is a lot of paperwork you may not have the time to dedicate your attention to. We streamline the process and dedicate a level of regard throughout the process that will relieve your stress and give your patient peace of mind. Follow these four easy steps and rest easy knowing that your patients are getting the care they need and deserve.