young woman helping older woman walk with aid of walker

Home is where the heart is. It can also be where the mess is. In our post today, we’ll discuss how, whether you benefit from transitional home care or not, you can make your home a safe and healthy place. Living in a healthy environment is important, especially if you spend most or all of your time there. While your transitional home care aides can help you implement these tips into your routine, it’s important that you keep up on them as well if you’re able to. 

Here are the top 10 ways to be healthy at home:



  • Keep life organized.


Dust, dirt, and grime love messes especially. Make sure that you put away your clothing right away after doing laundry, as well as your shoes and coats. It also helps to make your bed every day.


Find a place for everything and make sure you return it to that place once you’re done using it. You can use notes and reminders to keep track of important things, but don’t create a landslide of notes that just overwhelms you! Keep it simple.



  • Keep things clean.


It’s a good idea to vacuum twice a week and to wash and clean the most-used items in your home every day. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, dust regularly, and make sure you wipe down surfaces after using them.


Aside from being healthier for you, you’ll enjoy spending more time in a house that is clean. It will affect your health and longevity, too. If you need some professional help, hire a house cleaning service.



  • Eat real food.


If you only bring food that is rich in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins home, you can only eat food that is good for you! Make it a rule to never purchase processed food at the grocery store. If it comes in a lot of packaging, has a lot of added sugars, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup, or if it has a lot of unpronounceable ingredients, leave it at the store for someone else to purchase. You’ll be doing yourself a world of good.



  • Keep plants around.


Plants oxygenate the air, make the environment more friendly, and have a positive effect on your health. They naturally filter the air in your home, make the place look and feel greener, and make it more lively. Some plants also keep pests away, such as basil, chrysanthemums, lemongrass, marigolds, mint, and rosemary.



  • Make your bedroom sleep-friendly.


You’d be surprised how easy it is to wake us up or disturb our sleep. So that you can get restful, deep sleep, try making sure that you have a great bed to start. A comfortable mattress, pillows, and nice sheets make going to bed every night a treat. 


Never use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet in bed, eat in bed, or use the bed for much else besides reading and sleeping. If you use an e-reader, make sure that it is one that does not give off blue light. Don’t watch television in bed or fall asleep with the TV on. Overall, respect that your bedroom is for sleeping and use it for that exclusively. 



  • Beware of toxic household products.


The products that you spray all over your home become the air you breathe. Use organic cleaning products whenever possible and make sure you always read product labels before using a new cleaning product. Make sure that, if you have anyone helping you with transitional home care, they are adherent to your rules about this. 



  • Let the sunshine in.


Sunshine is good for the body, mind, and soul. Access to natural light affects you more than you know. Make sure you get plenty of natural light coming in from outside during the day, even when the day is cloudy or the weather is unpleasant; the light coming in is every bit as good for you as pure sunshine.



  • Get as much fresh air as you can.


Never let anyone smoke inside your home. Open the windows regularly to let some fresh air into all of the rooms in your home. Your transitional home care assistant can help you with this. Make sure that you change the air filters inside of your home regularly, too, so that the air inside is as healthy as possible.



  • Deal with your clutter.


Get rid of the belongings you no longer use, haven’t used in a long time, or are broken. You can donate any working items and throw the rest away. Having lots of stuff just means more stuff to have to fix, clean, organize, manage and, ultimately, stress out about. Eliminating all of the unnecessary clutter from your life can help you to enjoy a more peaceful, calmer life. 


Are you already doing any of these things? Your transitional home care aide can assist you with most of them. Start living your healthiest life now!